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Determined: A Clean Regency Conclusion

Cottesbrooke Hall

Catherine Johnson is determined to forever escape the constant criticism of her father and brothers. But being sent to a village even smaller than her own to care for her declining grandmother isn’t at all what she has in mind–she will be completely without marital prospects and, once her task is complete, her spinster age will confine her to a life of dependency upon the very people she has vowed to escape.

Catherine arrives in the village determined to hate her new situation and is quite gratified when the rudeness of one Mr. Northam, self-proclaimed gentleman, affords her an outlet for her displeasure. That gratification soon turns to horror, though, when she discovers Mr. Northam has the power to destroy everything she has been sent to protect.  When an effort to seek pardon results in inescapable scandal, only one choice will fix her errors: marriage to the very man she has grown to detest.


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